Let your purchasers,
Customise their dream home
We Craft Experience
That Help Brands Stand Out


Quasi is an innovative and easy to use platform that allows your customers to select their fnishes, customise their dream home and email it back to your sales team within minutes.

During the furniture or Colour Design Platform, homeowners invest a lot of time and energy to visualize how the chosen color scheme or furniture will loom in their home until it's ready.

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We can build a creative platform for businesses under their own branding that will fanatically simplify the selection process by transforming user's design anticipations into virtual model. Hence, individuals can now easily envision furniture redesigning or new color scheme of their home within no time from any part of the world.

Home décor service providers and furniture groups often face difficulties too in representing the ideal solution to clients even though they have countless fresh ideas in their minds. Thus, our platform gives home décor companies and furniture groups an opportunity to take homeowners in the world of augmented realism partially where they can transform ideas into a true work of art.

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" 1 in 5 consumers who expressed an interest in personalised products or services are willing to pay a 20% premium"

" Research shows that in some categories more than 50 per cent of consumers expressed interest in purchasing customised products or services."

" In the future, businesses that do not incorporate an element of personalisation into their offering risk losing revenue and customer loyalty"