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At quasi we work with homebuilders and furniture outlets to build an innovative and easy to use platform which work as a virtual assistant for their customers. It allows customers to select their furnishings, customize their dream home and share it with family and friends within minutes.

For the homeowner this is a transparent platform allowing them to tailor every element available to them whilst still maintaining a strong vision for their new home throughout the process. This invaluable tool will give homeowners a confidence, gratification and visibility on how the preferred design will emerge on their house and they can share it with friends and families or on social media as well.

For businesses, this is a simplified process which mimics many hours of work a sales consultant or a customer representative would have to ordinarily go through. Advantageously, this process will provide for better opportunities and greater customer satisfaction and most importantly, the integration of this platform will provide a competitive edge that will ultimately improve the business performance.

Why Personalisation ?

In an era where personalization is one of the key aspect, brands are remaining competitive, allowing a buyer to tailor a product to their likes and tastes has never been so important. We know that this can be done in the property industry, but the technology has not existed to allow the buyer to truly visualize the home they are building until now. In the future, businesses that do not incorporate an element of personalization into their offering, risk losing revenue and customer.

Why us ?

Bespoke Design Solutions

Quasi Designs Group has a team of creative, skilled, experienced and fully dedicated professionals to provide you with a bespoke design solution.

Deals with Clients on an Individual Basis

We deal with each requirement of our client on an individual basis irrespective of its size or location. Simultaneously, we deliver cost-effective interior design, furniture items and color scheme solutions without making any compromise on our offered solutions.